It Happens

Every once in a while, you get a review that really makes you cry.  And that can go either way. The ones you gotta focus on are the ones that teach and the ones that encourage. I got one of those this week.

I’ve been greatly enjoying Jolie Mason’s SciFi romance series – Home in the Stars. In addition, I’ve been scattering her Redemption novellas – all focused on the 47th Lancers mercenaries – in-between my readings of her full-length novels. Now, with the third and final episode of Home in the Stars, all the stories come together. It finally is apparent what Mason has done in creating this vast and fascinating futuristic world. And it is amazing.

Although Home from the Hill can stand alone, it really does extend and enrich the other books in the series (Home is the Sailor, #1, and Home from the Sea #2). Clearly, being captain of the Carry Bell is a guarantee of two things: lots of problems, intergalactic intrigue, and true romance. Luca discovers all of these – and more – as she takes her turn at the helm of the good ship Carry Bell.

Storylines that were introduced in Sailor and Sea now come clear here. In fact it is all one big story – one terrifying story, with war and deadly human experimentation; with puppet rulers and pawns; rebellions and empires. The characters stay connected, and their stories intertwine, come together, and pull apart, but all add depth to one another. The world Mason has created is simply fascinating. I ate it up, and still wanted more.
I highly recommend the entire Home in the Stars series, and all the 47th Lancers novellas. But I have to say – this one has been my favorite so far. A spellbinding story!

This review comes from Home from the Hill, the last in the Home in the stars series. It was also really fun to write. My idea of creating two intertwined series wasn’t new or original. I’m sure it’s been done before, but I thought it might compliment my writing.

It also fit the way I know things to be true. In any war, or in life, we usually only see our small corner of it. We all tend to have our own problems, and we seldom see the big picture tapestry that is our life connecting to the lives of others. That’s what I wanted to capture. To have that effort pay off in the form of entertaining someone else is the ultimate pay dirt.

So, I’m a dork. I cried. So remember, Tip your author, leave a review. Even if it makes us cry.


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