For the Love of Magic



Reviewed by Janice Benson for Readers’ Favorite

In For the Love of Magic, Maeve holds a high position in her coven as matchmaker. She uses sex to connect with and match others, finding them the perfect match. Love is her job, and it’s the one thing she’s denied. She’s accepted this … until she meets Aaron. Meanwhile, the witches are coming to realize they are under attack by outside forces tainting their magic with blood magic. On top of all of this, it’s a fragile time for Maeve because there’s this prophecy, you see, and it’s her responsibility to make the match that will change the world. I won’t give this one away, but it’s a fun little plot twist.

Natalie Gibson just made it onto my radar. I literally devoured For the Love of Magic in a day, and I regret nothing. One of the best new takes on an old paranormal theme I’ve yet seen. What Gibson does with witches will surely blow your mind. The world building here is excellent. I lost myself in the rules and procedures of the coven. The mystery she retains throughout draws the reader in because she doesn’t over explain anything. Some things are just facts, and some things are not to be known until the author is good and ready to let you in on the secret.

Gibson writes this world with an edge you could cut yourself on. Duty is painful. Sex is commonplace, and blood magic is cruel and torturous. She sugarcoats nothing, but, oh, is it sweet when things work out. For the Love of Magic is one of the best paranormal romances I’ve read in quite some time. Gibson has secured herself a lifetime reader if she keeps churning out original material like this. It’s like nothing you’ve ever read. I’m off to find out if there’s a sequel.

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