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One the advice of a successful author, I'm attempting to grow my email fan base. It's not an easy job. So, on her advice, You'll start seeing a graphic at the end of the first novel that extends a special offer for readers who enjoyed Home is the Sailor to get the second novel for... Continue Reading →

Home is the Sailor by Jolie Mason

Price: $0.00 Source: Home is the Sailor by Jolie Mason Since going permafree at Sailor has been doing very well. Check it out and sign up for my newsletter for a free copy delivered straight to your email of book two in the series.


I just spent seven days without a phone.  Adrift, in a digital wasteland. No text. No kindle. It was a nightmare. What happened to me? I remember a time when I never had a cell phone and, truthfully, when it was just a phone, I was fine. I didn't miss it when it was gone. None of... Continue Reading →

New to the Indie Shelves

This week's announcement comes from Rebecca Airies. Her new novel, Sabotaged Desires, debuts on May 2. She's sent on a snippet to give you an idea what to expect from a menage in space. Excerpt: “Get your ass to the hatch and let us out now,” Robert yelled. Ever the demanding Captain. Robert expected people... Continue Reading →

Mocking Robert Shawyer

Life, once again, imitates art The British physicist who completed his work on EMdrive in 2007 has known his share of heartache. Thank goodness, he was British, and had that stiff upper lip thing going for him. The drive he proposed last decade broke part of Einstein's theory ... well, in half, and his critics... Continue Reading →

Fair Trade by Jolie Mason is running an Earth day rebate. Get Home is the Sailor for free, and Fair Trade for pennies. Hurry and get yours now. Price: $0.99 Source: Fair Trade by Jolie Mason

No spoiler review of Bound to You.

AR Declerck first caught my attention with her new steampunk series beginning with The Alchemist's Kiss. The second of that series is out soon, Enchanter's Embrace. Steampunk is a challenging write. It requires both historical research and serious imagination. Naturally, I wanted to see what she could do with space opera which is how I... Continue Reading →

She writes on the blog

We have another awesome guest post today, and today is her release day! So, you can go directly from here to Amazon and snatch up a copy of the newest AM Manay serial November Snow. I'd like you all to meet, November Snow. If you haven't been following her story, here's a bit of it... Continue Reading →

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