Lost in Edit

Brother Mine is done, and I’m in the waiting to edit stage. I try not to look at a WIP for a few days after. Let it marinate. He wasnt'

Sailor was fun. The entire Home in the Stars series was fun. This one was… passionate. I really got to let go with the feelings in this one. Because sometimes, I have to believe you can fall into the best thing of your life at any moment. Because, I have an overdeveloped sense of justice, maybe, and because I just needed to write something about love bridging the gap between differences.

I’ve always brought the gospel that love is love. It is what it is, and it happens where you find it. Love is a transformative chaos that can make you better or worse, depending on the variables.

At first blush, Adame is the worst guy in the world for any woman, but, underneath the choices that were made for him, he’s retained a strict code. He took control of the choices in the only way he knows how. He’ll kill for hire, but he won’t be the hand that changes and molds the universe into a playground for tyrant kings. He’ll take the job, but the job needs to be just. He’s not human. He doesn’t pretend to be.

He’s not the bad boy, if that’s what you’re looking for in an assassin. He’s not the white knight either. Sometimes, there are no good choices. What if?

What if, after all those bad options, something fell into your life that could change it forever? Not a choice, but a gift. Would you take it?

He is my favorite book boyfriend so far. You’ll see.

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