How to be an author in just minutes…

Future Fairy Tales

I have a few peeves. One of them is the habitual click bait articles now peopling the internet that basically say, “if you’re an author, you’ve been doing it all wrong!” I really, really hate that.

First, there is no wrong way. You are either doing it, or you aren’t. If you are, you’re producing books, and those books entertain. If you aren’t, you’re probably just saying you are and spend most of your time on the internet coasting the click bait articles about being a writer.

Second, the writing of books is about as individual as snowflakes. I edit as I write. Others just let it flow. I do two edits before it sees a beta. Other people do four. There are plotters, pantsers and wrecking balls. Every writer has their own style, and that’s what makes it their style.

Oh, the arrogance of those who claim there’s only one way to do things. The proof is in the pudding. If I have pudding, no matter what flavor, and you do not; Which of us is the chef? I ask you. So, beware, young padawan. Not every expert is an expert on how to write your books. Of course, we must always seek to perfect our craft. That’s not what I’m talking about. Beware the philosophy that there can be only one.

That only works if you’re Highlander.

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