Head in the clouds, feet on the ground

Cry Havoc is in production, I promise. It’s become clear, however that the next series in the universe I’ve build around the Carry Bell is purely scifi young adult. There may be some romantic elements, I don’t know yet. But, the main characters are kids trying to survive a war together. It’s not going to be a romance.

The change-over to scifi alone is turning out to take longer, but it’s exciting because the parts of my writing that I love to write are usually the details. Don’t get me wrong. To quote the song, I love to love, but my baby just wants to dance. That’s how Havoc is going. We’re doing a delicate little dance with the enemy, even as our society becomes fragile.

When I write romance, I’ve got my head firmly in the couds. Scifi, strangely enough, needs my feet firmly planted on the ground and trudging forward with each plot point and characterization. It may take a little while.

In the meantime…

Brother Mine which is solidly a scifi-romance is nearly ready and will be released sometime this summer. It’s the start of a brand new series, Brother Assassins, that I hope can go on for a while. He wasnt'

Also this Summer, the 47th Lancers series is going to branch out with multiple vendors. It’s my hope, when I have time, to organize and release a print version of all five novellas.

Look out for new releases, book giveaways and great deals for your summer beach reads.

Happy Reading!


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    1. Thank you. Your direction is proving invaluable. Nearly done with proofing edit. Making a few minor changes. Nothing major. I’m thinking I can set a release date soon.


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