How to be the Book Boyfriend she’s always wanted

9dac3dec1c6553412e2b1045c058e6faI’d be the first to admit that I tend to write the men I wish I knew. But, that doesn’t mean they don’t have flaws. Every hero has to have those, and I know things get confusing for our make believe lovers. So, if I had to make a list, and, for my purposes, I’m going to… These would be the top five things that drop my book boyfriends right off that pedestal.

  1. Don’t hurt the girl on purpose. That’s it. Everyone screws up once in a while, especially in relationships. The minute there is any sign of abuse, rape, or malicious intent. He’s disqualified. You don’t try to hurt the ones you love, and, when it’s done on accident, you try to fix it pronto.
  2. Let her be her.  My favorite BBs are the ones who are really into this woman, just the way she is. They aren’t out to change her, or hold her down. They want her to fly. Now, that’s romantic.
  3. Change for you.  Readers are discerning. I don’t like redemption tales where the guy was a player, but he’ll give it all up for the perfect  woman. It’s 2016. We know that shit ain’t real. Nobody changes, unless they want to change.
  4. This ain’t no scene… Out of control temper doesn’t play well. The sexiest men know how to play it cool. Now, I’m not saying you can’t go all viking and avenge your honey when someone else tries to hurt her. That is NOT what I’m saying here. I’m saying that zero to sixty tempers are a red flag.
  5. Nerds are cool. Intelligence is sexy, so whatever you do try to be good at it. Buy some glasses. Maybe, read a book in front of her. Let her know, you’re more than a pretty face.

Look, it’s not easy being a guy. It’s gotta be tougher when you aren’t real. Just know one thing, you have the advantage over almost every guy out there. You’re a book boyfriend. Own that! There is nothing sexier in the whole world, and we should know. WE have looked.

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