The trouble with trads

I used to live in the bookstore and the library. It was home away from home, and the place where I found my center, however, since I discovered the world of cutting edge, Indie publishing, I haven’t been in those places. It’s partly the convenience and instant gratification of the download. I won’t lie.snowflakes (1)

But, it’s also got a lot to do with content. The tendency of every SFR book I love to be the same. The plots of all my favorite paranormals getting recycled about a thousand times. The utter lack of innovation and fresh perspectives to be found in the aisles. All of those things have pushed me into the arms of another.

An alternative sub-culture known as Indie and small press publishing. I discovered this world when I became one of them. If I were to stop publishing tomorrow, I doubt my reading habits would change much. This is where the books are.

At least, the books I want to read.

If traditional publishers are turning out assembly line cookies, Indie authors are each as individual as snowflakes, hence the title of this series. My hope is to showcase the books that I consider some of the best, and talk with some of the authors breaking the barriers and writing whatever they damned well please and getting read doing it. I’d like to explore the whole thing; the small presses, the stories, the alternatives, the renegades and the rebels.

As I’m getting this going, take a look back at the reviews I’ve done so far on Future Fairytales for some awesome reads. You’ll thank me. I swear you will.

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    1. I have the same problem. Can only think of an audiobook, and it was like fifteenth in a series and read a lot like the first fourteen because that’s what sells. SMH


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