What’s Next?

Home from the hill is the end of the Home in the Stars series, but it's the beginning of another story. In this novel, you'll meet a young man named Ian and three children who are victims of a covert plot to take children and make supersoldiers. That boy has to become someone else, Aiden... Continue Reading →

The editor is in the building

Hi, everyone!  This is just a little post to introduce myself, as I have recently been appointed as a moderator of our merry band and as an editor of this fine WordPress work-in-progress.  My name … Source: The editor is in the building

ASPA Central is open for business

The Alliance is taking to the blog. As our first entry, we should introduce ourselves. I am Jolie Mason. You can call me Thing 1. There is a Thing 2 around here somewhere. Her name, when she’… Source: ASPA Central is open for business

Riding Redemption by Jolie Mason

Been pleased to see Riding Redemption trending on ARe for a couple weeks now. I'm offering the first of this series free till the first, so now is the time. This universe is going to continue, but without the romance this time. Cry Havoc is in production as we speak. See you there. J  ... Continue Reading →

My heart is in #Orlando

Yeah, I know, stop the presses. Today, I just find myself with a lot to say. The debate is raging around us even now, and I find one thought returning to my mind over and over. Whatever else this was, it was, yet another, act of hatred against the LGBT community. Everybody was in that... Continue Reading →

Going Wide

So, tomorrow the second in the 47th lancers will get it's chance to spread it's wings, and move from Amazon exclusive to widely available. I'm really happy to expand the readership of my lancers. They were my fun write. I had a blast with each and every one of them. Never a dull moment. No... Continue Reading →

Happy Bookiversary to Me.

June 3. It was the day I started to learn how this worked. Home is the Sailor took me six months to finish and more than a few tears, but, in the end, it was worth it. Now, here I am ten books in and still going. The festivities surrounding the event are modest, but... Continue Reading →

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