Going Wide

So, tomorrow the second in the 47th lancers will get it’s chance to spread it’s wings, and move from Amazon exclusive to widely available. I’m really happy to expand the readership of my lancers. They were my fun write. I had a blast with each and every one of them. Never a dull moment. No agonizing late nights. They almost wrote themselves, and each tale I told seem to inspire the next.

It was a blast! RedemptionLostKindle

With any luck, it will be as much fun for the new readers to discover as it was to write.

Here’s the skinny: Dr. Teesy Cole has been given a job to find information in the form of archaeological discovery and see if that information can give any clues about the new enemies in the galaxy. Hopper, the guy who runs the Lancers, is having trouble being a hands off kind of commander. Teesy doesn’t make that easier.

Warning: There will be explosions, arguments and strangely seductive noodles.

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