My heart is in #Orlando

Yeah, I know, stop the presses.

Today, I just find myself with a lot to say. The debate is raging around us even now, and I find one thought returning to my mind over and over. Whatever else this was, it was, yet another, act of hatred against the LGBT community.

Everybody was in that club for different reasons. Some came to party, some were probably looking for love, some were celebrating the loves they’d already found. Others were hanging with friends. Some were at work. I’m sure quite a few came there because it was a place they could be themselves one hundred percent.

Love is something everyone wants. We all dream about it. Some of us write about it. I wonder tonight how many loves were lost on Saturday. Simply because one man chose to take it away.

I know what it is to have love and lose it. I can’t imagine what it is to have it stolen from you like a thief in the night. I can’t imagine what it is to have it destroyed as easily as a child destroys a block tower. And, to have it be gone in order that some crazy zealot can make a point. It’s the epitome of insanity.

So, tonight, I’m sitting at my desk trying to pound out a few more words, but my heart is in Orlando. It’s weeping beside the grief stricken, comforting the mothers and longing for the day when everyone can be who they were born to be without fear.

So, #NeverAgain. #LetsMeanItThisTime. #LoveWins


3 thoughts on “My heart is in #Orlando

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  1. It’s heart breaking. I thought of the mothers whose children will never come home, the fathers whose children won’t celebrate Father’s Day ever again. I ache for our country so obsessed with rights that we allow crazy fanatics access to weapons. When will it end?

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    1. I know, Diane. I was heartened by the news of the filibuster and news that the two sides will discuss the ban. It’s more than they did after Sandy Hook, and that one gave me nightmares as a mother.

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      1. I’m a grandmother and worried about my grandkids. I shouldn’t have been surprised by the security now in place at their school. I hope something good will come of this and not another stalemate.

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