What’s Next?

Home from the hill is the end of the Home in the Stars series, but it’s the beginning of another story. In this novel, you’ll meet a young man named Ian and three children who are victims of a covert plot to take children and make supersoldiers. That boy has to become someone else, Aiden Simeon.

The kids land on Havoc Station with only the resources given to them in an act of kindness, one of the toughest space stations in the quadrant. Through blind luck, Aiden signs on with the Lancers as a tech, hoping for that illusive ticket to Fillia, the Lancers home base.

On Fillia, the kids could have a stable home far from the war, badly needed medical care for Dani, and Aiden could make a home for them among the Lancers. Can he earn a place among the Lancers?




Price: $2.99

Source: Home from the Hill by Jolie Mason

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