My Sribd Experience

Here's the thing. I need a subscription service. I jones for books like an addict locked in a pharmacy. It's a flaw how bad I need to read books. So, I've been trying Scribd for the last two months. So, I'd taken first watch  at the hospital staying overnight waiting on news about Dad. My... Continue Reading →

BookCrazy Booth Space

You may know that I'm hosting a Virtual Book Fair, or you may not. Well, now you do. So, this is my virtual book space. The series you see above has a free starter book, so yay, you! My plan for the Home in the Stars novels was simple. One ship passed down among three... Continue Reading →

The Jury’s Still Out

Getting back in the swing of things here, and I have finished the first in the new novella series. However, it's with betas for the moment, and I'm still not sure if it will launch. I'll go ahead and do a cover reveal. If I give it the go ahead, you can find it on... Continue Reading →

Quick Reminder

Home is the Sailor is now available on audiobook. I will be giving away free audible copies for a while. Email me or subscribe to my newsletter, and I'd be happy to send a code your way.

New Member Showcase

Some new books to consider from the Alliance of self pubs.

Self-published Indie Network

The Alliance is thrilled to be welcoming a number of new members this week, and I wanted to take the time to give you all a little taste of their work.  I suspect the taste will leave you wanting more.  Click on the cover to get the Amazon listing.  And away, we go . . .


Author: Siren Allen
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Short blurb:
Raynor Batiste was a monster, a killer, one of the most feared creatures in the galaxy. Because of this, his mate feared him. To claim her, he would have to shed his bad boy image. That was easier said than done, especially since his beast wanted a piece of her. Will Beauty give in to the Beast in order to save her planet? Or is he a bigger threat than her enemies?
Author: Fiona Murphy
Genre: Erotic Romance
Short blurb:
A rebound affair, is exactly what I…

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The Big Stuff

This won't be too long or involved. Our family is facing a loss, so I'm going to be taking a small step back. Not from writing, but maybe from promotion and blogging for a bit. And, I  will share one thing here. As children, we all tend to see our parents as larger than life... Continue Reading →

Brother Mine by Jolie Mason

  Mal Renata was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, but it never stopped her from becoming the voice of the Braxian people. As an activist fighting off mankind’s inevitable slide into cruelty and prejudice, she wants to stop the Scourge bill from becoming law, but how can she do that, if... Continue Reading →

My Dystopic Life

It's not that bad. Really.  However, I find making time for everything is becoming increasingly difficult. The most difficult thing I find is keeping up with my writing. I'm working on three, count em, three series at the moment. NO. Wait. Four. See. Three are my own, and one with another writer. That one's going... Continue Reading →

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