My Dystopic Life

It’s not that bad. Really. escalator

However, I find making time for everything is becoming increasingly difficult. The most difficult thing I find is keeping up with my writing. I’m working on three, count em, three series at the moment. NO. Wait. Four. See.

Three are my own, and one with another writer. That one’s going slowly. In the meantime, there’s promoting to be done, and contests to be arranged, and … You get the picture.

So, this week, I just decided that’s it. I gotta take a holiday here and really write. The desktop must be cleared.

It’s about to get reals. These novels don’t write themselves, and I am getting seriously behind here. So, if you don’t see me for a few, you know where I’ll be, I’m in the author cave. Provided I can stop reading other people’s books for two minutes. SIGH

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