The Big Stuff

This won’t be too long or involved. Our family is facing a loss, so I’m going to be taking a small step back. Not from writing, but maybe from promotion and blogging for a bit. And, I  will share one thing here.Daddy

As children, we all tend to see our parents as larger than life and as heroes among men. Then, we grow up and begin to see them as only human. In some cases, that can be a sad thing. In others, it can make a distinct tie that binds when a parent transitions in our minds from God to person we’d like to be when we’re old. I was fortunate to have the second kind. Hero worship for my Daddy has turned in later life to steadfast respect with the full understanding of his flaws and struggles.

At his feet, I learned the just do it philosophy of life. If you see a problem, fix it. Most notably, he thought that residents of rural Missouri had a right to decent, potable water, and he became a politician, secretary, engineer and salesman overnight. It took almost twenty years, but he did it. He started a public water system just because it was needed.

He’s 89. His life was not spent in a full blaze of glory across the skies, so it’s not surprising that his exit would be more a  fade out to credits. He’s always been more the steady guiding star type of man, not prone to large displays. As long as he’s here, our family will be trying to spend each moment we can with him.

Thanks for understanding.


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