The Jury’s Still Out

Getting back in the swing of things here, and I have finished the first in the new novella series. However, it’s with betas for the moment, and I’m still not sure if it will launch.

I’ll go ahead and do a cover reveal. If I give it the go ahead, you can find it on KU.ChimeraKindle.jpg

Here’s a snippit:

Hating herself for being a coward, Eisley moved away and in the direction of the kitchens. She’d seen a recessed alcove over there somewhere. If she could just remain unnoticed till it was time to go….

No such luck, she thought, when she bumped into someone going the opposite way. She turned to see the dark blue, formal uniform of a Central officer. “Pardon,” he said quickly. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

Eisley smiled as expected. “Not at all. It’s a hazard of walking backward, I’m afraid. I do that too often.”

His laugh was a whisper across her skin, a whiskey dark sound like a night wind or a rainstorm. She felt that same tantalizing sensation of walking through the night as she sometimes did at the sound of that deep, rich laughter. She took a step back.

“You walk backward a lot, do you?”

She let her eyes drift over to the small, unwelcome party headed their way. “It’s good to keep one eye on where you’ve been. If you’ll excuse me….”

She started to move away, but he caught her with a touch on her arm. “May I at least know who you are?”

Eisley studied the man carefully. He seemed sincere in some level of interest in her, but she’d been down that road before. Still, this was a work function, and God only knew who the man was. “Dr. Eisley Manning. And you are?”

His eyes changed. They glinted with something different at the sound of her name. “Section Chief Samuel Mosebey of Chimera detachment”

She nodded. “It’s nice to have met you, Chief.”

“There you are, Pet,” she heard the dreaded voice say. Too late to escape, Eisley closed her eyes.


She was proud of the way she kept her voice modulated and calm. As if they were strangers. As if he hadn’t destroyed her entirely and systematically ever since she left him. Honestly, if she’d had any other options for her research, she’d have left Heinlein to escape him long ago. If she’d only known half of his real character and not the public persona, she’d have never been flattered at his attention. She’d been painfully young and unaware.

He was in his punishment mode right now. She realized it distantly. She’d rebuffed him in the lab today, again, and this was to be her punishment.

With the handsome Section Chief looking on, he couldn’t have a better moment to humiliate her. Max looked her up and down in disapproval. “You should have worn the purple dress, Pet. It makes you look… healthier. I hadn’t expected you to come this evening,”

She cringed. He was going for the jugular. She could feel it coming. At first, she didn’t notice the warm hand on her side. “Eisley, you haven’t introduced me to your friend here.”

The Chief stepped closer, leaned into her intimately. She tried to school her shocked features. What was his game?

“Chief Mosebey, this is Dr. Maxwell Trege.”

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