My Sribd Experience

Here’s the thing. I need a subscription service. I jones for books like an addict locked in a pharmacy. It’s a flaw how bad I need to read books. So, I’ve been trying Scribd for the last two months.

So, I’d taken first watch  at the hospital staying overnight waiting on news about Dad. My mind was pretty much racing, so I settled in to read and get my mind off things. They pulled the book. Like, in the middle.  Of reading it. I lost a credit, and I’m waiting still to see how those cyborgs work it out.

The app itself was a pleasant enough experience, and the audiobooks rocked. I really liked getting one audiobook a month, but nobody likes readus interruptis, if you know what I’m saying.

Scrib has done this before with its romance listings. They seemed to have learned a harsh lesson about getting between junkies and their books, but maybe not. I cancelled.

I mean, the deal is 4 books or 3 books and 1 audio. Nothing was said about disappearing cyborgs in the middle of pivotal negotiations leading to happy ever after. That is not what I signed up for.

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