Coming soon: Red Sky at Night

I recently finished a freebie short story that I think will make everyone really happy. It's the Home is the Sailor prequel! Inspired by Cynthia Sax who is brilliant and you should check her out.  Brinn and Arden's story is in edit, and will be up and ready to go in the early Fall. Here's a... Continue Reading →

Did you say Pets in Space?

Nine incredible stories from today's leading SFR authors that will take you on action-packed adventures. I get to do a cover reveal! I get to do a cover reveal! Calm Down. Calm Down. Okay. Okay, I'm so excited. If you know anything about scifirom, you know this is like a who's who in the genre. I... Continue Reading →

The Chimera Protocol

I've decided to do this fun thing I've wanted to do where I hit some of my favorite scifi trope. A chimera is a blend of two animals into one creature. In this case, it's mixing Scifi with romance to make my favorite kinds of monsters.  The first book is all about genetic manipulation and... Continue Reading →

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