The Chimera Protocol

I’ve decided to do this fun thing I’ve wanted to do where I hit some of my favorite scifi trope. A chimera is a blend of two animals into one creature. In this case, it’s mixing Scifi with romance to make my favorite kinds of monsters. ChimeraKindle

The first book is all about genetic manipulation and scientific theft. Here is an excerpt;

Samuel didn’t want any of this, kidnapping and hurting this woman, but it was getting worse for all of them. They would only be able to hide their real intentions from Central so long. He looked at the doctor, sitting on the narrow bunk with her hair falling out of her graceful up do, and almost sighed again.

“Can you fix us?”

She hit him with brilliant, shining eyes radiating resentment.”What kind of resources do you have? Obviously, I can’t go back to Heinrein and demand anything. Assuming I believed you, I’ll need several things. The first and foremost would be to go in and steal my own research files.

They are uploaded to a private server each night when I finish. Then, I’d need to do exams of the men and women you claim are part of Chimera.”

“I claim? Remember Thompson?”

She stood, anger vibrating through her only slightly shorter frame. “Yes, Samuel. More veiled threats. That’s precisely the way to deal with me. Do you have a lab?”

He nodded. “Fully equipped and in a secure location.”

“All right. Well then, I’ll need one of your people to go to my home. I have a portable link that allows me to reach my own secure server where I keep my side research and my personal notes. I’ll need that. I’d like them to pack me a bag, as well.”

“We can provide you with clothes.”

She turned sharp eyes his way. “If I do this, I’m not doing it as your victim. Is that understood?”

Samuel turned his commanding glare on her in frustration. “And just why would you be willing to do that, Doctor?”

“Because, I didn’t design this hybrid project with this in mind. It was supposed to extend and save lives, not destroy them. Guarantees were made to me, Chief. I intend to see they are honored. One way or another. If I find my work was breached, you will have all my willing help.”

Samuel took in the up tilt of her exotic, angry eyes and the stubborn angle of her jaw. This woman had fire in her, that much was certain. “Let’s say I believe you ….”

“I don’t care if you believe me or not,” she interjected.

“Say I believe you. How will we get your research? I assume you have an idea.”

“I intend to walk in and take it. That’s all. I assume I’ll have to have you hanging on as I do it?”

“Someone is going with you. I would prefer it be me.”

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