Coming soon: Red Sky at Night

I recently finished a freebie short story that I think will make everyone really happy. It’s the Home is the Sailor prequel! Inspired by Cynthia Sax who is brilliant and you should check her out.  Brinn and Arden’s story is in edit, and will be up and ready to go in the early Fall.Jolie Mason.jpg

Here’s a snippet from the very beginning:

She was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. From top to bottom, a machine built for a man to hold onto. Curves in all the right places. He dropped the heavy bag on the ramp decking as he stared at her a moment.
The Aurora stood tall and beckoning to him from the space dock about a click away. Long, sleek lines. Thrusters now dormant, but, when she’d take off, my god, she was beautiful; raining down her own kind of harmless fire and lighting up a night sky or a day one bright red. Her nose angled up to glint in the sun. She was lovely, he thought, for about the hundredth time.

For a man obsessed with flying away, Arden Badu spent a lot of time on the ground. He’s just returned from flight training, to find his sister up to her ears in love with a useless rich boy from a dangerous family, his mind, still filled with their neighbor, Brinn, and times on Taarken aren’t getting any easier. Now, he’s got an assignment on a mining ship that’s a bit out of the ordinary, and he’s working hard to win the woman of his dreams. It seems Brinn could become more important than anything, even flying, if he can just convince her to believe in him.

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