InstaFreebie = Instant Action

Hey, Gang. So, there's this website called instafreebie where someone like say an author of SFR yummy goodness can give away books, and someone like say .... a reader of yummy goodness can pick up said giveaways. What's my point? Oh yeah, I'm doing a giveaway! Silly.  Riding Redemption has 50 free copies available for... Continue Reading →

Wasting time is an art form

Which I have perfected... For centuries, humans have worked to find new ways to waste their time. As a human being, it is my obligation to waste as much time as is humanly possible. And, I have learned to do this with the help of the internet. You can, of course, guess some of the... Continue Reading →

Books are out there…

Hey, it's a good week for SFR fans, you know. There are two awesome projects coming up that you NEED to know about. Seriously.  First is Portals. A sampler project that is intended to help shoppers get a feel for the genre and find books they love in one convenient place. You won't believe some... Continue Reading →

The Red Sky at Night Freebie

A little snippet of Ari and Caden's beginning Ari looked like she'd been through hell though. She stood to the side with her arms wrapped around her middle, looking like the world was ending. "We're finished," she said in a surly tone. "No, we're not." Ari poked him with one finger. "You are leaving. That's... Continue Reading →

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