And here’s what I love about SFR

SFR or scifiromance. It’s the newest book trend, and mostly what I read (and write). The story lines are as varied as you could ever imagine. So I thought I’d hit a few and let you see for yourself. artmatic-115085_1280


This one is the one I drop everything for if I find a good one. Civilization is gone and all that is left is the fight for survival, and love. For this one, my rec is a freebie starter, Marcus by Anna Hackett.  It follows the infamous hell squad through an alien invasion. They save the world and are the sexiest doing it.

Dystopic reads can tread a line with the heavy subject matter, a line many romance fiends don’t want to cross. The setting is usually a harsh place with cruelty and hardship. I believe this makes the romance sweeter, but that’s just me.

I’m not saying it’s aliens…

It’s definitely aliens. There are two kinds of aliens in romance; those that are human and those that are not. In the human realm, I have lately begun SE Smith’s dragon lords, with another freebie starter, Abducting Abby.

In the world of the true aliens, you will find, of course, my new Brother Assassins series, beginning with Brother Mine. Then you also have CE Kilgore, a huge favorite of mine. She has multiple books and side stories in a vast world of her own creation, the Corwint Secret Agent Files.

Space Opera

This is my favorite of all time. I adore a great space opera, which is why I wrote one. Home is the Sailor is my freebie starter.  Action and adventure set in space. You gotta love it, and there are very few wrong ways to do it. I love Ruby Lionsdrake and Cynthia Sax for these as well. SFR space opera isn’t like Star Trek, nor is it the the Love Boat in space. It’s usually an exciting story with a focus on the characters and the romance, but the scifi elements are there to accent the story, not dominate it.

And Cyborgs….

Cyborgs are dominating SFR right now. It is the year… or the decade of the cyborg. For cyborg’s, a must read is Releasing Rage. It’s another awesome freebie. I will also add this addendum. It’s dark romance, so, if you have issues of the anxiety type as I do, this one requires thought. I blogged about my experience with this novel at length in my article, Mrs. Strangelove; or How I learned to stop worrying and love the cyborg .

This is what I’m reading. It’s a big list, and I don’t know where I find time to write. But, SFR is a worthy genre of awesome action/adventure and swashbuckling fun, even without pirates, although there are pirates. Space pirates are faster than the other kind, and they have dental. I’ve considered the field for myself.

Happy Reading!


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  1. Hello, you’ve given me a lot to think about. Though I love Sci-fi, I haven’t read SFR. Sometimes we readers get stuck in our favorite genre and we don’t dare take a leap to discover something new and it’s because we’re too comfortable and we favor familiarity. I appreciate your insight and thank you for sharing your experience. It’s helped me make an informative decision.

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    1. No problem. I love promoting this genre and reading it, and talking about it, and … You see where I’m headed. lol. We do get stuck in out favored genres. I go through phases where I read almost nothing but historical, then back to SFR, then off to contemporary. I’m a jumper. 🙂 My challenge is reading more fiction in my daily diet. Especially, mystery. I used to love mystery, and these days I just get distracted and forget to buy any.


    1. Thank you! That just got a fangirl squee on this end of the internet. lol. There isn’t enough time in the day to read all the books I want to, so I finish a series and add another. It’s impossible to read them all. 🙂 I love how many stories there are to be told in this genre.


    1. I tried to stick with the ones I’ve gotten to so far. Yours is still in the TBR which is, frankly, out of control. lol. So, to everyone passing by. CARA BRISTOL has cyborgs! Sometimes it seems like everyone but me has cyborgs. lol


  2. Thank you, Jolie, for some of your recommendations. I have been a fan of yours for a while, and S.E. (Susan) Smith, forever! Great authors. Cynthia Sax is new to my list, and a keeper! I love Cyborgs! One of my all time hero type of Guy! Thank you for a few new ones and for your freebies. Happy Writing!

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  3. SFR is my very favorite genre, I read it more than any other. I would like to make honorable mentions for Michelle Diener (read Dark Horse), M.K. Eidem (read Grim), C.L. Scholey (read Back to our Beginning), Kaitlyn O’Connor (read Cyberevolution I), Tracy St. John (read Alien Embrace). I’m also a huge fan of S.E. Smith (personal favorites Choosing Riley, River’s Run, Tink’s Neverland, and Gracie’s Touch) and Cynthia Sax (Releasing Rage is my top pick-trigger warning was absolutely appropriate). The last two I would like to mention are Marie Dry (Alien Mine-a different take on alien’s conquering Earth) and Penelope Fletcher (Venomous, just read it!).

    Thank you for your post. I find SFR is looked down on a bit in the romance world but many people don’t realize that these authors usually have to create entire worlds and everything in them. I love the clever and interesting ways that authors come up with to describe something as simple as a different material for shoes or how to take a shower. SFR is where my heart is and where I go for the best reads.

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    1. Omigosh, you just added so much to my TBR! lol. Hopefully, SFR is picking up. That seems to be the word “on the street” ( and by street I mean internet. lol) It’s my go to genre, I admit. There’s nothing I love more than a good scifi adventure romance.


  4. Excellent post! There’s so much to love about SFR, especially its variety. I’m finding new niches and authors all the time. Currently, I’m on a steampunk binge. Thanks for mentioning the Corwint series 😀

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    1. I know. I really love that it’s getting out there because I think, like PNR, it will hopefully branch out into popular culture resulting in awesome movies and TV shows as well. There are just so many stories to be told. 🙂

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