They call me Magpie.

But, he calls me Maggie. cryhavockindle2

I worked hard to get accepted into the program. The Lancer’s pilot training program is a tough goal to reach, and I made it. They put  me second seat to Burke, but it’s only a matter of time till I test into my own bird.

So, this is my first day here on the station, and there’s this techie. Everyone calls him the Kid. I think his name is Aiden. He’s young, my age, but I noticed he’s got pull in the bay. Everyone goes to him for repairs, if they can get him.

Oh, yeah, and he’s attractive. He’s very attractive. I stuck close today as he fixed my nav system, and it’s difficult not to become fascinated with that brain of his. Galaxies! It’s a crazy brain. Super smart and always on the problem. He fixed the box in nothing flat.

I just have this feeling that, if we both survive this war, we’re gonna be friends. If we survive…

Damn these Cans. I haven’t gotten to fly against them yet, but Shakespeare says it’s coming. He tells the pilots stories of what they look like on the ground. Technology like we’ve never seen before, and ugly inside their shiny black suits. But, the ground soldiers aren’t like the space fighters.

Burke says he has a theory that the fighters aren’t really ships at all, but another shell with an organic inside. Or a totally mechanical drone. However, he insists they’re too sneaky to be completely machine. Maybe, he’s right. I’ll see soon enough. The one thing that seems true is that they always come back for more.

  • from the journal of  FT Persephone (Magpie) Jones of Havoc Station.

Cry Havoc! is coming soon. 

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