Getting to know you, Jay Shaw

Hi Everyone,


Thank you, Jan, for inviting me to your corner of the internet.  I’m honoured to be here.The Space Colonel's Woman - by Jay Shaw - JayAheer-Artist-2016.jpg


I’m Jay, and I live in New Zealand – Aotaroa – land of the long white cloud; home to bungee-jumping, hokey pokey ice cream, Middle Earth, Narnia, and even the occasional writer too.


I have always been good at weaving a tale through the written word, to bring an event to life for people who hadn’t been there to see it for themselves.  My youth was spent in the time before there was internet, where the bringer of news was the mailman who delivered a handwritten paper missive near on three weeks after the writer had posted it.  I remember learning to write letters in class and being told that everything had to be against the left margin because it made it easier for a computer to understand.


But it wasn’t until I was eleven that I first got a hint of where my future lay.  My English teacher at the time, her name is now lost to the mists of memory, gave us an assignment.  Write a myth or legend to explain the existence of a natural landmark.  When I handed in my paper a week later it told the story of a witch who had rampaged across the Australian continent until she was conquered by the hero of the day and turned into stone; left for all eternity in the middle of the outback, with only her furious outrage to keep her company.  Thus was my explanation for why Ayers Rock is out in the middle of nowhere and why it has a rich red hue.  Alas, the original assignment fell victim to many changes of address over the intervening decades, but the memory still makes me smile when I think of it.


It was many years, a marriage, a divorce, two children, and an induction into online life, before I would realise what the creation of that story tried to tell me.  I had stories that needed to be told and in order to tell them, I had to write.  So I did.  


In March this year I released my first novel Wolfhaven – a paranormal wolf-shifter romance – which surprised me when it appeared fully-fledged in my imagination.  Since then I’ve written and published The Space Colonel’s Woman – the first novel in a series of sci-fi action adventure romances – the second of which is in editing, and the third will be started in November.  Self-publishing may be a trial by fire, but the rewards and sense of accomplishment is absolutely worth it.  With each step forward on the path, I am able to both learn more and pass on that knowledge to those coming along behind me.  There are always new people to meet who share my passion for all things writing and books.


And although I am across the world from most of the action, there’s no doubt I have finally arrived where I belong, eager to explore and create new worlds, with characters I hope to be able to introduce to you all.

The Blurb

Helicopter pilot, Julia Swift, lives her life from one rescue to the next. Unlucky in love, she longs for a lover who resembles the hero of her favorite space show, Phoenix Rising.


When an injured man falls through a portal and lands on her local beach, it seems the universe has granted her wish. Not only does Colonel Mark Holden resemble the fictional military commander, he also bears his name.


Despite the incredulity of their situation, Mark and Julia share an inexplicable connection. They realize they have spent their whole lives searching for each other. But when Mark’s team comes to rescue him, Julia must choose. Will she stay behind? Or will she travel with a man she hardly knows, to the fictional Dragonus Galaxy? A world brought to life in an alternate reality…


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