I can’t even…

So, I'm watching my friends Nano, and release books, and promo, and Tai Kwan Do. And, I'm just over here saying "I can't even." They can, but I really, really can't. There must be some technical cause you say for the inability to even. Having yet come up with one, I've turned to Memes. I... Continue Reading →

Interview with a cyborg… um…two cyborgs- the cover reveal for Hers To Command by Cynthia Sax

Doing a repeat post today of our greatest hits.

Future Fairytales by Jolie Mason


You know, funny things happen to us when we least expect em.

I got this awesome opportunity, and I do mean awesome. Everyone knows what a Cynthia Sax fan I am. Well,last week, I received this mysterious email (mysterious music). Anyway, it read;

Ms. Mason,

We were told by a being of the highest authority that you might be willing to share our story with the beings of Earth, in hopes of garnering support for our cause there. You, it appears, know of our situation from the one we call the Writer Female. We cannot confirm the existence of this being, except that she sometimes shares intelligence with us of great value. She recently proposed construction of something called a “death star”. We are looking into it.

This transmission is too large for your primitive Earth technology, so we have converted to this thing you call Email. Attached you will…

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An Interview with an…author

What'd ya think I was gonna say? Huh. Today we're talking with Urban Fantasy author, Libby Doyle about her new series releases.   Jolie:  How do you classify your books?    Libby:   They are urban fantasy. They are set partly in Philadelphia and partly in an alien world, which is why I’ve labeled them... Continue Reading →

Join the Lancers, See the universe!

In times of war, civilization needs heroes. That's why our motto is; Every man, a hero. The 47th Lancers mercenary company comes from a long line of tradition tracing all the way back to the ancient histories of Old Earth. Our men and women respect that tradition. We have recruitment centers in every major city... Continue Reading →

Join my ARC Team today!

ARC stands for advance review copies of books, and, Lord Willing and the creek don't rise, there will be one to read very soon. One of the perks of joining this group is you'll have access to all my freebies, even those that are out now. There's an offering up today for Brother Mine. So,... Continue Reading →

A little Bookfunnel Giveaway for you.

Well, plans have changed today. Instafreebie had a technical glitch, so I've changed the giveaway provider. This will also be how my ARC team will be set up to receive new releases, so Yay, for that! Riding Redemption is available for this month here. Check out my facebook page for an opportunity to get more freebies... Continue Reading →

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