Join the Lancers, See the universe!

In times of war, civilization needs heroes.

That’s why our motto is; Every man, a hero. The 47th Lancers mercenary company comes from a long line of tradition tracing all the way back to the ancient histories of Old Earth. Our men and women respect that tradition.


We have recruitment centers in every major city on every major planet in Imperial space, and you’ll always find someone there to answer your questions about joining our company.

What we offer:

  • A generous sign on bonus.
  • A specialty bonus for those who pass muster into our flight wing.
  • Education and adventure.
  • And, most importantly, a chance to be part of something.

A recent Space Network interview excerpt with one of our pilots:

SN: Now, for our audience, you’re the famous Captain Thom Warrant of the 47th Lancers mercenary group, is that right?

Warrant: Yes, but I don’t know about famous…

SN: We understand you were recently instrumental in uncovering the origins of the enemy we now know to be called “Starwalkers”. How did that come about?

Warrant: Simply put, the Lancers were tasked with protecting a group of scientists who were sent to investigate a ruin site thought to be from  an advanced civilization that predated anything we knew. The Lancers didn’t make any discoveries, though. The scientists did that. We just made sure they got back in one piece.

SN: I understand you recently married one of those scientists. Congratulations, Captain.

Warrant: Well, … She turned out to be exceptionally intelligent.

SN: (laughter) I’m sure she is. Tell us more about what you do.

Warrant: I am currently in command of the mech units of Havoc Station. My job is to coordinate our missions, liaise with the other segments of our military ops like flight, salvage and recovery or MI, which is mechanized infantry, and I command and fight with the Alpha unit of our battle group.

SN: Yes, that battle group is on the front in the war, isn’t it?

Warrant: We are, and we’re holding our own.

SN: Well, that’s all the time we have, Captain. Thank you for joining us today on Spacenet tonight. And, we thank you all for your service.

Warrant: Thank you for having me, Chuck.

You can read more about the Lancers in Jolie’s Redemption series.RidingRedemptionKindle Available at these links:


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