I can’t even…

So, I’m watching my friends Nano, and release books, and promo, and Tai Kwan Do. And, I’m just over here saying “I can’t even.”


They can, but I really, really can’t. There must be some technical cause you say for the inability to even. Having yet come up with one, I’ve turned to Memes.

I have an edit going on. You may have heard me mention that about fifteen times. Have I also mentioned how much I hate edit. I mean really, really… Especially, when I can’t even. Literally.

So, what is it that makes us unable to even?

How do you get out of that place where you can’t even?

I turn to science… fiction. Okay, Memes. cantevenpicard

I am certain that Captain Picard had moments when he encountered some BS kind of alien problem, and he was like, “Oh, I just can’t even, literally.”

And, you know there had to be something that finally just did it for him. Right? I mean, some culture that wanted to go to war over painting purple stripes on fence posts or something like it.

Then, of course, Riker rikerevenwill come in and list all the reasons why the Captain can’t even… in detail because a Captain who can’t even can’t be expected to address the stupid stripe aliens without exploding Earl Grey all over their leader and insulting their way of life.

He will then use his charm and good looks to convince the purple stripedy aliens that they can all live together in peace.

Meanwhile, back here in writer land, I still can’t even, and I don’t have a second in command over here to go out and even for me.


In fact, there is nothing simple about it. One must reach the point where one digs down deep and continues to even. Even though, one is tired and uninspired. So, what makes you even again?

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