Memoirs of a Fictionista.

This article is meant as satire. This is my response to a Huffpost article that is based entirely on mindless snobbery and poor logic. It's an insult to the craft of writing to equate publishing with the craft.  As a fictionista, I see so many things. I am world weary. Yes. World weary. I know... Continue Reading →

Spacenet News Update: protests against Imperium are growing.

News From The Front News has arrived that the Star Walkers are creeping ever forward, and stripping Imperial planets as they go. The 2nd Fleet stationed in the Carrier System is, at this hour, taking heavy losses. In that system, sources are reporting that the mining planet Uda  is lost, and it's moonbase heavily damaged.... Continue Reading →

Join the Unit!

Recruitment Begins Today New releases are coming. Also, winter, and you're going to need something to read. If you use Facebook, you can get a jump on my new releases by joining my ARC Team. It's an elite squad of heroes who love Sci Fi more than anything, more than the average person anyway. There's... Continue Reading →

Writing what you know

Been thinking a bit about themes and purpose in my writing  Anyone who's read my books knows I do have a couple recurring themes in them; racism and corruption. As to the corruption, well, I am alive in the year 2016, as are you,  my readers, so that is just part and parcel of our... Continue Reading →

So this is Christmas… somewhere.

In my upcoming release, Cry Havoc, we get a little taste of a Dorendan holiday season. Specifically, our brave hero takes the girls holiday shopping during the Light Carnival where they celebrate Tempest as the winter snows move in each year. Aiden is one of the kids you met in Home from the Hill.  Enjoy!... Continue Reading →

People Keep Asking…

Every author gets questions. The most common one  I get is this; Are you Ari Badu? Answer; not even remotely. When I got the idea for Home is the Sailor, it was Ari that came to me first. She's not the typical, spunky heroine. She is very much an older, experienced woman who got handed... Continue Reading →

What’s in your stocking?

Confession time... Christmas is, for me, the ultimate excuse to give gifts. I love choosing the perfect thing. I love wrapping them, most of the time. Giving gifts is the most fun I have all year. It's not really the malls or the bustle that does it for me, but rather that moment when they... Continue Reading →

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