What’s in your stocking?


Confession time… Christmas is, for me, the ultimate excuse to give gifts. I love choosing the perfect thing. I love wrapping them, most of the time. Giving gifts is the most fun I have all year. It’s not really the malls or the bustle that does it for me, but rather that moment when they get it, that warm fuzzy you get when you please someone you love.

For the bookworm in us all, I decided to compile a handy guide to some awesome books for holiday giving. One or two of them, I’ve already given to myself, so I know the quality within. Pets-in-Space-reveal (1)

For the true scifirom lover, there was big news about a book you’ve seen featured here before this week. Pets in Space was named one of 2016’s best books by Library Journal.

Plus, one of the authors included in the anthology, Veronica Scott recommended Michelle Diener’s  Class 5 series as one of her personal favorites. One of the best ways to find great books is to find out what other authors are reading. I’ve gotten many, many awesome recs this way. In fact, it’s how I discovered the next author on my list.

hers-to-command02_500x750Another book featured on my blog, Hers to Command, is coming out in 2017 on valentine’s day, but the book is in pre-order now. Cynthia Sax’s cyborgs are, for me, a perfect Christmas gift.

You can start anywhere in the series and catch on pretty quickly, but it’s more fun to start from the start. Releasing Rage is free by the way, so that’s a holiday bonus.

The next series is one I’m starting in the near future. Susan Grant’s Star Series.  This also has a free series starter, so it’s a good buy which is how I’m starting it because I am in book time out, like, all the time. I save my freebie starters for the times when I have to make myself quit buying books.

Here’s a cool gift idea, too. Athena Grayson has an episodic short series1866346, the Huntress series. It’s on my TBR pile, too.

Known to her targets as the Huntress, Treska Sivekka hunts down the aliens and psypaths whose mental talents are a threat to Union security. Now, with the last free psypath in her crosshairs, Treska’s mission is about to be fulfilled.

That just sounds cool to me, and she has several episodes in the can, so there will be plenty to read.

Now, it’s time for all of us to get out there and buy those gifts, spend hours in the mall looking for the perfect thing, then sit silently drinking eggnog with extra nog when we finally come home without anything. Or, we could just buy them books.

On Sale Now.


In a future world where aliens are hated, loving one is the most dangerous thing a girl can do. Mal Renata was born with the proverbial silver spoon in her mouth, but it never stopped her from becoming the voice of the Braxian people. As an activist fighting off mankind’s inevitable slide into cruelty and prejudice, she wants to stop the Scourge bill from becoming law, but how can she do that, if the bill’s supporters keep dying? Public outcry wants someone to pay, so she intends to give them someone.

Until she tracks down, Adame Sacha, a Braxian freedman and one of the notorious Brother Assassins, she thinks the brotherhood is her problem. Instead, she finds they may be the best allies she could hope for. Together, she and Adame search for those who are eager to profit from the suffering of the Brax, and they track their prey in a world where lives are held cheaply, but death is expensive.

They may be able to elude the dangers of his world for awhile, but they can’t run from the attraction to each other. No matter what their differences.

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