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New releases are coming. Also, winter, and you’re going to need something to read. If you use Facebook, you can get a jump on my new releases by joining my ARC Team. It’s an elite squad of heroes who love Sci Fi more than anything, more than the average person anyway.


There’s no better way to try on space opera than this. The only thing you put in is time. When missions come up, you’ll get a facebook notification of a post from the page or you can simply message me at the page with your email. Then you will receive a bookfunnel invitation on the day telling you how to download your free copy of my book. All that’s left after that is to read and review.

Meet Aiden Simeon…

Aiden Simeon was just a techie with a group of mercenaries, but his life hasn’t always been this uneventful or ordinary. He traveled to Havoc Station with three small kids to care for and a bag full of secrets.

War has come to Havoc…

Aiden has to solve a puzzle about the enemy before the enemy can find a way to use their technology against them. In a race against time, he has to find a solution before they take more losses than they can stand.

Growing up in the middle of a war makes the small, makeshift family more important than anything to each other. Will Aiden, Tolly, Dani and Geris survive to become who they want to be?

Cry Havoc, while it has a sweet romance within the story, is not a romance. It’s more a young adult action adventure. It can be read as a standalone, however, its story is closely tied to those of the 47th. Reading those can add to your experience of this novel. 

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