Spacenet News Update: protests against Imperium are growing.

News From The Front

Drones deployed in battle for Carrier Prime

News has arrived that the Star Walkers are creeping ever forward, and stripping Imperial planets as they go. The 2nd Fleet stationed in the Carrier System is, at this hour, taking heavy losses. In that system, sources are reporting that the mining planet Uda  is lost, and it’s moonbase heavily damaged. Forces on the ground have begun a chaotic evacuation of Carrier Prime, however Imperium Relations is calling for volunteer ships to help in rescue efforts.

In other news, rumors that the Empress’ personal fleet is en route to Alcatesh to put down a rebel movement that cropped up, seemingly, over night. News sources on the planet dispute the tales of rebellion, claiming that officials on the ground are resisting slaver units who are trying to subdue the population quickly.

Star Walker bombardment of Carrier Prime’s coastal capitol.

Dispute Over Colony Rights Continues

Imperium council members are in a dispute tonight over the rights of independent colonies in Rim Space, declaring martial law, even in loosely controlled corporate territory. Red Stripe Ag , a major holder of multiple agricultural planets, is formerly protesting what they call a “usurping of their holdings.”

The CEO of RSA spoke to Spacenet via Codex this afternoon:

This move by Her Majesty’s government is unprecedented. They are commandeering company assets and our workforce, taking many of the men and women somewhere off planet with no news relayed to their families at all. This is not who we are as a people.

No Quarter is given to the enemy in times of war, but how we treat our own defines us as a galactic state. No true leader can give no quarter to their own people and expect to be followed.

Bold words from Anders Kay, the CEO of Red Stripe Ag and former hero of the Imperial Guard. Ten standard ago, Kay received the Hero’s Cross for his service after running into a firefight to set a detonator on a jamming tower. This heroic action allowed Imperial troops to take back the colony of Hope’s Bounty from the mercenaries turned pirate who had tried to seize the planet’s resources without government permission.

Havoc Station Under Quarantine

Word has filtered out from the Havoc System that Security Chief Danoblian has ordered a general quarantine on the station, citing only possible tech issues. No word on what has caused the lock down or when it will end. But the quarantine has effected all small ship travel out to the system.

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