Writing through Life(Big L)

My tips for writing through the pain Sometimes, my books take a while.  Lots longer than they should, and there is a reason for that. I have a severely disabled son. He's autistic. He's also pretty hilarious, and a general joy to be around. Yet, we have phases, and those phases can take a toll... Continue Reading →

Silly Rabbit, Scifi’s for Girls

To this day, I still remember my first read of Watership Down, and, though it is considered fantasy, I got that same indefinable charge I get reading Scifi. Adams took something ordinary and not human, and gave it humanity, simply by reinventing rabbits. In doing so, he revealed absolute truth about human nature. Telling the unvarnished truth... Continue Reading →

Launch Day Giveaway!

Click the link above to download I'm giving away fifteen more copies of Cry Havoc this evening to celebrate a successful launch. Grab yours before they're gone.

Do I fangirl? Do I?

Oh, you bet your sweet fanny.  I can be found fangirling quite a lot on Facebook. I admit it. I ain't proud. Authors such as Cynthia Sax, Anna Hackett, SM Schmitz and AM Manay are just a few of the authors I follow. They are probably the ones I read the most often,  that is... Continue Reading →

Chapter one teaser!

"‘Cry Havoc!’ and let slip the dogs of war, that this foul deed shall smell above the earth!", shouted the mechpilot standing on a chair in the midst of the recreation center. Groans and chuckles, accompanied by admonitions, filled the room. Aiden Simeon smiled at the camaraderie among the mech pilots even as he rushed... Continue Reading →

Aiden couldn't help being fascinated by the lab. He walked over to a half-wall filled with specially treated glass that kept things, like bacteria and nanites, more in than out. Dr. Nooni waved at him, though it was hard to be sure it was her in the decon suit. It was strange to him how... Continue Reading →

Binge Time

Sometimes I reach the point of no return. It's pretty common. The well just runs dry, and I can't write. During these down times, I binge on scifi. Occasionally, Austen.  There are times when I binge on other people's books, and sometimes I game binge. Lately, it's been Dark Matter, a Canadian born space opera... Continue Reading →

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