Aiden couldn’t help being fascinated by the lab. He walked over to a half-wall filled with specially treated glass that kept things, like bacteria and nanites, more in than out. Dr. Nooni waved at him, though it was hard to be sure it was her in the decon suit. It was strange to him how everyone seemed down about the war, except this Dr. Nooni. When she’d first arrived, she snapped at everyone, but, since the discovery of the alien ruins on Alcatraz, she’d been nearly giddy. People were hard to figure sometimes. Hopper had told him once it was because the woman felt vindicated, though he didn’t know what that was about.
He turned at the sound of the captain’s approach.
“You interested in archeology, Kid?”
He laughed. “Not even a little, sir.”
“I know what you mean,” Hopper smiled back. “Hard to believe that’s where we go for intel this time around.”
Aiden looked at the captain. “You worried, sir?”
He took a deep breath. “I’m always worried, Kid. Burden of command.” He clapped Aiden firmly on the shoulder, and said, “Let’s go.”

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