Do I fangirl? Do I?

Oh, you bet your sweet fanny.  I can be found fangirling quite a lot on Facebook. I admit it. I ain’t proud. Authors such as Cynthia Sax, Anna Hackett, SM Schmitz and AM Manay are just a few of the authors I follow. They are probably the ones I read the most often,  that is only limited by the lack of time. There are definitely others. It’s part of the fun.


There’s only so much time in a week.

But, my point, and I do have one, is that social media kind of rocks. The level of fan interaction is off the charts these days, and, in the case of Indies, it is an overwhelmingly positive  thing. I love knowing what’s coming down the line from my favorite series, and I gotta tell you, these chicks are funny.

I mean they really crack you up. They love engaging about their worlds, the ones they made up, and the more outlandish the better. I think this is most true in Romanceland, though I have no formal data on that. It’ s just my  impression.

Fans of romance everywhere, don’t be afraid to connect with your favorite authors. It’s a party out there, I promise.

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3 thoughts on “Do I fangirl? Do I?

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    1. And, AWWW…. lol. I wonder if we ever grow out of the fan side of things as our careers go on. lol There really are too many to mention them all at the one time, and a few I haven’t gotten to yet, but I want to so badly. Seriously, if I read every series I want to, we’re gonna have to start choosing between food and books. lol


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