Love those love scenes, and other lies I tell myself.

Space battles, the pew pew of pulse fire, the adrenaline soaked fear that comes with the knowledge that death is near. Nay, standing right behind you. Intrigue and Bromance are easy peasy. And, of course, no space opera worth its salt doesn’t have a good, solid splosion.

These are the things that come to me in my sleep. It’s the love scenes that make me cringe. It isn’t the fear of purple prose. I read some pretty hot stuff on my days off. There is little that’s off the table when I am looking for a book to salve my savage breast.

It’s only when I write that I balk like a skittish pony learning to jump fence at the love scenes. Okay, if we’re being honest, I mean sex. The sex scenes send me into the bottle. Not sure why that is.

For this reason, you’ll see that most of my books don’t have that much sex. Only where the relationship is central and an imperative portion of the book. Apparently, it’s not just me. A lot of authors have this issue.

However, I love to write love.

All kinds of love. The love that brings people together in crazy circumstances, brotherly love, the love of a best friend, first love, puppy love or the love of a mother; these are some of my favorite things In writing romance, I never want to lose sight of all the love.

It adds so much depth to a book, even an action packed scifi romp. After all, what are we fighting for if not love?

Dynamic Three Dimensional Abstract

Jolie Mason has written 11 separate titles and two short stories available for free. She lives in southern Missouri on the Mississippi River. She’s a mother of three, an owner of wild and domestic animals, and an open defender of those with disabilities.

You can find her books on Amazon and most major vendors.

6 thoughts on “Love those love scenes, and other lies I tell myself.

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  1. I’m with you on writing sex scene, Jolie, even though I cut my writing teeth doing contemporary romances for Silhouette. Oh, I’ll work hard getting my characters all hot and bothered, but then I’ll give them the privacy of a closed door. Fiction is all about building tension, not releasing it.

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  2. I hear ya!!! I agonized when I was writing the sex scenes in my first book. I wrote and rewrote the two I had in it. I got it to where I felt good about it and I did feel good. Right up until someone left a review calling it “boning”, not the vibe I was going for. But I’m not going to let it stop me. One person’s boning is another person’s hot sex! 😉

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    1. OMG. lol I tend to go the other way. It’s not exactly tame all the time, but if I was trying to write seriously hot sex, I’d probably pass out from the effort. I tend toward heavy foreplay 🙂


      1. I like foreplay too…ummm..writing it. Sometimes the build up can be just as erotic as the “real thing”. My thoughts on writing sex into my books is this: I do it when it fits into the story line. And in the right place in it. I don’t like it when you pick up a book and the very first thing is a sex scene. I think a reader likes to get know the characters she/he are reading about first.

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