For the love of Mechs

Almost every book I’ve published has mechs in it. Can’t help it.You wanna he

Why, you ask? Massive metal death dealing machines of war are great story fodder, and, in my case, I have a thing for the men and women who might want to jump in one and give it a spin. It would take an adrenaline junky, a hardcore gadget head.

In Riding Redemption, the main characters work together, and things have gotten tense since the break up. Way too tense. That was what got me started. Dahlia and Jackson  trying to find middle ground on a battlefield was the idea that caught me up in the Lancers, and one story led to another.

From the first scene, they had me.

Dahlia cracked the hatch on her mech, barely even hearing the noises and chaos in the hangar bay. She wanted to kill him, to rip his helmet off and ring his cocky neck. She wanted to arm her weapons and hunt his ass down right there in the station. She ripped her own helmet off instead and dumped it on the deck of the mech cockpit with a loud thunk. Lifting herself out with both arms, she crab-walked onto the ladder of her bay and jumped to the floor halfway, in a hurry to find Jackson and beat some sense into him.

She’d never seen anything like this from Jackson before, at least not this dangerous, and she’d damned well better never see it again.

His job in a battle was suppressive fire and recon scans. That’s it. He drove the ATgyro and it wasn’t a mech in the sense hers was. It was a mechanized, weaponized artillery vehicle designed for short bursts of speed and to carry the heavy scan equipment that gave their mercenary unit the edge. His scans could take in the entire battlefield, sighting the enemy for miles and miles. It was made with that function in mind, able to fly over any terrain and blow big holes in everything from far away. That’s it.

The AT was always the last thing loaded on the Redemption and the first thing off, so she’d bet he was already in the gear up preparing to wash off the battle sweat.

She headed that way, her furious gait telling everyone to steer clear. As it was early morning hours station time, the offices were deserted. She rushed past the reception area to the back where the showers were located.

Men’s showers were on the right. She pushed the door with one hand and busted through it, marching straight up to Jackson who was out of his jumpsuit and standing there at a locker in nothing but his skivvies. She was so angry she didn’t even look at his ass in the tight briefs.

What in the hell did you think you were doing?” She demanded. He tensed, and then turned around slowly. She noticed he had some sense of self-preservation and didn’t smirk at her at least. “I had it!”

You’re welcome.” He answered quietly.

You can also find Riding Redemption on my Amazon author page, if you prefer Kindle. Each novella in the series can be read as a standalone. Action/adventure. Clean. War stories. Futuristic military.



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