Happy Women’s Day! Now, Let’s Kill Something!

And, look at that, I’m a girl. So, we’re doing this. minimalist-women-s-day-card_23-2147504283

Let’s face it, the girls are in the club house. The password has been deleted, and they aren’t going anywhere.

They are everywhere, and I wanted to take a moment to put in a plug for something awesome, the Women in Gaming Awards. It’s in the UK, and you can nominate women for this award. Kudos to all the girls breaking into the industry. Keep moving, ladies!

Speaking as a Mom of gamers, it was necessary for me to meet them in their world. Which turned out to be Skyrim. So, I picked up the xbox controller, and I started gaming with my kids. Guess what?

I’m pretty deep in the gaming muck, if you will. Although my kids still declare me a “casual” because Mass Effect is the only shooter I really like, and I do not get the point of Overwatch. Sorry.


Femshep Forums

See, I’m old enough to remember that Wonder Woman was revolutionary. I am excited to see this debate happening in the gaming world about women’s issues; from fair pay to the harassment that occurs in game. Gaming is the medium that I believe will break women through that glass ceiling for good.

Not only are they finding their way into the development side of the industry, they are actually gaming. As consumers, the ESA, or Entertainment Software Association, says the market share of women jumped to 48 percent in 2014. These days, they report that women to men in gaming pretty much aligns with the population at large.

Speaking as a player, gaming wasn’t something I ever thought of women doing til I had kids. There was a time about five to six years ago that it was even weird that I played with them. Today, I know other gaming moms. We’re a thing. Just like the Soccer Moms and the Dance Moms. We might be a tad scarier, since we talk about battle tactics and the best way to take down reapers, but we are out there.

To the girls, I say, remember you are a revolutionary no matter what you’re doing, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t. Whether you pick up a controller or a scalpel or a hammer, a woman is capable of whatever she says she is. The only limits are the ones you put on yourself or the ones you accept from others.

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    1. Thanks. I love watching my daughter evolve with the times. It’s an amazing thing to see, and I suspect other girls are becoming the same kind of immovable force I see her becoming. It’s an exciting time to be a girl. 🙂

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