When bad boys switch sides

Assassins are bad, right?

Well, kinda. They are killers for hire, but …what if they changed sides? What would happen then? That’s the premise of my Brother Assassins series.

Some of these men are victims of circumstance. They do what they have to, in order to survive. In the case of Brother Mine, he’s one of the hated Brax, a race that mankind found as they expanded outward beyond their own stars.

As in the days of slavery here in the past, where the Brax are born or find themselves will mostly be the deciding factor in whether they are free or not. In Adame’s case, he had certain skills that made him a freedman. barrels-598200_1920.jpg

In fact, the brothers of House Canton were all, in one way or another, saved by the Brotherhood, and that was very deliberate.

One character who is discussed at length is no longer alive. The deceased Captain Canton, who had sought out men who would be loyal to him, had the temerity to die in his bed of old age. He is the man who made these assassins something different.

He wanted men who would owe allegiance, not to the house, but to him and his principles. Canton had, in the course of his long life, killed more than a few important people, and had gotten a feel for the way one precision death, the loss of one man in a million, could case ripples across space. He saw that as an almost godlike responsibility, and he wanted to train his assassins to consider those ripples in the pool as they did the work they’d survived on.

Effectively, he turned the Brotherhood into a tool, a scalpel, with which he deliberately maintained a balance. It is with the death of one senator that Brother Mine begins, and Adame learns that in one simple action he has condemned his people, and he must make that right.

So, no, I don’t think you should run out and find an assassin prince charming. Because my assassins are special. They’ve been converted into a type of service of mankind by removing things that can upset the balance.

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