Early Snippet from Brother’s Keeper

brotherskeeperkindleHe watched her pull on a night gown and climb into bed before he had even finished buttoning his shirt. How long had he been watching her tonight?

Bryson quickly pulled on the upper class jacket that would gain him entree to the restaurant where his target always reserved a table for the evening because Zoolia owned the place, and he loved to flaunt his possessions whether they were properties or people.

Cari turned out the lights, so the holo blinked to a flat image that would stay on for the rest of the night. Bryson hit his comm. “Sandoval, she’s lights out.”

His second acknowledged taking his turn at surveillance. Bryson made sure none of his men saw her at those intimate times, if he could help it. She wouldn’t want them to see her naked, to see her crying, but someone would be watching and ensuring she stayed safe in spite of herself.

“Lights twenty percent,” Bryson growled the words, with some emotion in his voice even he couldn’t name. The room around him grew dim.

Watching over Cari like this was both pleasure and pain; like looking at the most beautiful painting in a museum with an intense longing for what he could never actually own or touch.

He’d kissed her once. It had been a mistake. That kiss still haunted his memory.

Bryson reached down for a green vial resting on his desk, and, palming it, slid it casually into a jacket pocket. His brothers had missed this target several times. His security was that good. The very best money could buy.

Tonight, Bryson wouldn’t miss. This time the fool would pay for his misdeeds because Bryson was just that good.

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