From the author’s desk: High Risk, High Reward

The History of the 47th

In the far future, warfare has changed, but people have stayed the same. The world the Lancers inhabit is pretty similar to the world we have. Oh, they’ve had hiccups and atrocities crop up as time went on, but the essentials stayed the same.

Business is king. In fact, it runs everything. Corporations determine law, and make the big decisions. They also go to war against each other, giving the words hostile takeover a whole new meaning.

They do this by hiring small armies like the Lancers. War machines are so advanced that they kind of tromp through everything. Imagine IBM made WMDs and took over the universe, then imagine that the 2.0 version of everything involved weapons upgrades.

That’s the background.

The 47th

There have been several commanders of the Lancer Mercenary Group, but the most recent is one Commander Salt, or just Salt. He has a bit of a religious complex. But, it doesn’t extend to dogmatic rules for the Lancers.

There are protocols, but it’s not like the unit will kick you out for fraternization, maybe insubordination. Definitely for destroying too many mechs. It’s a job, more than a vocation.

That’s one of the elements of the world I’ve tried to create. War is so common that it’s run on cost/benefit analysis.

Until the Cans…

The motivating factor for this new enemy is unknown at this time, but we know they need resources to live and work in space. We know that they strip planets almost entirely, and we suspect they are somehow related to humans. Can you hazard a guess as to motive for the Star walkers?

This is where the Lancers are at the moment; what was once just a job, a high stakes, well paid, back breaking job, is now the only way to preserve humanity. They didn’t sign on for this.

Happy Reading!


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