Is this thing on?

How I love connecting with my readers. All writers are different. Some just want to stay in the writer cave and never come out, and some hate the marketing. I won't lie. I really don't like the marketing. But I do love the connections. I love hearing what the readers think, and sharing all the... Continue Reading →

What’s in your future?

I'm participating in an excellent promo this week, and I don't do a ton of these. This is an excellent opportunity to get tons of new reading material if you're an SFR fan. Or, you can try on one of the incredible authors in the genre. You're already on the blog? Try subscribing to my... Continue Reading →

Reader triggers; what they really are.

I actually hate the word triggered now. It's been made into a joke, but it's not really a very funny one, if you know what it means through experience. A mental trigger is a sensory experience that begins a fight or flight reaction in the body after a person has experienced physical or mental trauma.... Continue Reading →

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