Is this thing on?

How I love connecting with my readers. All writers are different. Some just want to stay in the writer cave and never come out, and some hate the marketing. I won’t lie. I really don’t like the marketing.brotherskeeperkindle

But I do love the connections. I love hearing what the readers think, and sharing all the next things I’m planning. I love seeing the enjoyment of what I put out there. It’s the same thing that makes a good cook stand over your shoulder after they serve you the steaming plate of yummy goodness that is their latest creation.

There are two awesome ways to connect if you’re one of my readers:

The first is my newsletter, Future Fairytales. Some exciting developments there. I’ve figured out how to make them actually GO. Whoo hoo for ME! And, I am trying to use those powers for good and not evil. My engaged subs will eventually get access to a series of shorts build around my books that I am currently writing now. It’s gonna be fun, I think.

The second is my Facebook group that I’ve affectionately dubbed Planet Jolie (cause let’s face it, I’m not from around here.)  This group of Super Readers from Planet Jolie gets early access. They get opportunities to Beta the books or get free ARC copies of my current releases. Plus, they’re usually the first to know if a new book is coming.

Speaking of new releases, you may be interested to know that Brother’s Keeper is with a couple betas right now, and available for preorder as we speak.

The preorder will only be on Amazon this time, so that’s the only link. I’m excited to be moving onto the next big project, but I intend to take a little time and write these shorts for the newsletter before I go too far.

Join us on our little planet.


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5 thoughts on “Is this thing on?

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  1. I preordered Brother’s Keeper so fast! I’ve been looking forward to this book like a child to Christmas Eve, and I’m so incredibly excited to know it’s going to come out so soon! Like there was actual flailing going on and everything when I first read your post. The short stories sound awesome too. You’re spoiling us readers rotten, you are. 🙂

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    1. Oh, now I hope I can live up to that. LOL. On this end, it feels like it took FOREVER to finish this one. And if there’s any character you want back story on just name them, I’m still doing the shorts 😉


      1. I’m certain you will. You always have. I’ve never read anything of yours that wouldn’t be of the best of quality and just downright awesome. I seriously love all of your characters. Can I say all? Probably not or you’ll be writing short stories forever, lol. But truly, I’d be absolutely delighted to get back story or any additional stuff with any character of yours. They are all wonderful and special in their own way.

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      2. Oh, you are seriously good for my self-confidence! I finished the second one yesterday, and scheduled it…. And it looks like it’s gonna turn into another assassin story. LOL Maybe not as long, but You’ll get to meet these two in Keeper. I’m in serious love with this couple. LOL Gara and Devlin are keeping me in the game. I don’t know when I’ll finish the other world at this rate. Ha.


      3. Ooh, that sounds fantastic! Brother Mine is such an important book to me and Brother Assassins have a very special place in my heart, so hearing that you’re writing another assassin story – I honestly couldn’t be happier. Except that now I’m so psyched to get to read the stories I can barely stand it, lol.

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