Downtime is part of the writing process

No, really.

It’s all a process, but I’m learning over time that you have to take breaks to refuel the tanks. This weekend was amazing. I determined to only do what I wanted to do.

So, we got in the car and took my son to the mall to pick out a birthday gift. Fun. Then, we came home to Netflix and food. It was a very nice time, just doing what came next, and guess what?

I ended up writing.

Writers have to understand we’re not unending fonts of creativity. The well goes dry

I like to Smule Sing! sometimes. I have other things I do, gaming and such. But, the most important factor is just deciding you aren’t going to be “On” today. Seriously, it’s about just switching it off. That’s what really recharges the batteries.


Brother’s Keeper is out June 20th!

2 thoughts on “Downtime is part of the writing process

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  1. Thank you for this, Jolie! I was “off” for several months, and man does it feel good to be “on” again! I appreciate the reminder that it’s all just part of the creative process. 🙂 You’re the best!

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    1. It’s a pivotal part. There’s a lot of pressure to write and write quickly. Our brains just can’t do this all the time. We have to have those times when we aren’t burning through our brain cells. lol


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