What do ya mean “not real”?


The writer’s life is not for everyone. Beyond all those pesky concerns about, ya know, eating and where you’re gonna live, there are the voices in your head. The one’s that don’t let you sleep til all hours. The ones that argue over who’s first and who’s right. Oh, yeah, and then people think you’re crazy. Not because we’re really hearing anything, but because we’re distracted.  Sometimes, you might even use the word disconnected.

Writers do have a tendency to become immersed in a world so deeply you wonder if they’ll ever come out. It honestly can feel like a type of madness when I’m deep in that writing place, and I resent being pulled out so much sometimes.

I think we all do this. It’s what lets you know you are on the right path for you. Just as I imagine that scientists get lost in the equations they work, and musicians get lost in their music. Passions are a consuming thing when you find them.

But, these people that I write; Gara, Ari, Caden, Jackson, Dahlia. They aren’t just puppet theater. Okay, they are a little bit puppet theater, but they are fully fleshed out people in my head. They have backstories and personalities. They whisper their confidences in my ear, and I try and make those into stories. And, that all sounds certifiable.

There are days when I think this is it. This is the day they come for me.

Trying to explain this to family and friends is nearly impossible. They don’t understand it. At times, they don’t fully accept it. It’s happened to all of us. Writers are solitary creatures on the whole, but I have yet to meet one who says, “I am also lonely.”

New Release News

BrothersKeeperKindle.jpgThis week I’ll be releasing Brother’s Keeper, available now in paperback. Ebook drops on the 20th.  Keeper is not a stand alone. It is one of a pair, a duet, I understand is the new industry term. My intention is to write pairs of these assassins until I’m no longer interested in them. Another has begun where these two left off. For now, you can meet Cari and Bryson.


He’s what happens when bad guys switch sides.

As an assassin, he lives on a razor’s edge of losing it all every day, but since Cari Renata came into his life there is so much more to lose.

Cari Renata’s sister is dead, or so she believes. And, Bry is the one who told her that horrific lie. Her sister is hidden among the Brax in Freedom Colony, and Cari can’t know. He promised his brother he would protect both the women they love with the lie. Bryson will do that at any cost.

Cari owns the universe, or at least a small part of it. She runs a major broadcasting conglomerate that spans several systems, but she’s an investigator at heart. Cari won’t keep pushing at the terror attack that supposedly took her sister’s life, and she’s poked the wrong beast in going after Todari House.

Bryson may have to break a promise to keep a promise and come clean about Mal Renata’s real situation. When he does, it may cost him more than he ever expected.

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