Okay, so, I’m late, but Dragon Age Y’all…

Cullen's deskBeen playing DAI like a fiend cause I’m in love with Cullen. NO JOKE. I can’t not flirt with him on each playthrough, and I have tried, believe me. He’s just got this something… I can’t define it.

And, omg, the end. I almost cried like an infant with the controller in my hand staring at the screen because … such betrayal!

I hear there’s a new one coming out soon, but it’s not clear when or what or how, but, Come ON! You cannot leave it there.

With the betrayal and the world ending, and SOLAS! That’s not even possible.

Believe it or not, gaming helps me write. I think it’s the way you can switch off and dive into a story that’s interactive, and that helps me reset the brain.

It’s also got me inspired to try my hand at a fantasy story which is in development now. I’m only gonna say that it’s awesome so far, and I can’t wait to see where it ends.

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