Too hot to write…but not for revolution.

Oh, I’ve been writing.

Now that the AC is back up. But, since I’m behind schedule I thought I’d talk about Brother’s Keeper, my last release.


As an assassin, he lives on a razor’s edge of losing it all every day, but since Cari Renata came into his life there is so much more to lose. 

Cari Renata’s sister is dead, or so she believes. And, Bry is the one who told her that horrific lie. Her sister is hidden among the Brax in Freedom Colony, and Cari can’t know. He promised his brother he would protect both the women they love with the lie. Bryson will do that at any cost.

Cari owns the universe, or at least a small part of it. She runs a major broadcasting conglomerate that spans several systems, but she’s an investigator at heart. Cari won’t keep pushing at the terror attack that supposedly took her sister’s life, and she’s poked the wrong beast in going after Todari House. 

Bryson may have to break a promise to keep a promise, and come clean about Mal Renata’s real situation. When he does, it may cost him more than he ever expected.

The Assassin’s life

In this universe, things like poverty, crime, and injustice can push a person out to a fringe of society pretty early, and that’s what happens with my assassins. Bryson Cantwell, if that is his real name, did time as a child for killing his abusive father.  That’s how he’s found and recruited.

Although, if your choice is staying in prison the rest of your life or training to be an assassin, is it really much of a choice? It’s that lack of choices that makes Bryson work to fundamentally change the kind of choices an assassin in the Brotherhood can make. In Canton House, the assassins choose the job, and they don’t take just any job.

They are what happens when bad guys change sides.

So, what would you do if you had a choice?

Hopefully, you’d choose to read my book. If you’re interested in this one, You’ll find it here:

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