Interview with Detective Hayden Thursday


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Last, week, Metro police detectives Hayden Thursday and her partner, Randall Ace, a twenty five year veteran of the police were involved in a police action that concluded with a fire in the West Borough Market area known commonly as Chinatown.

The loss of no lives was attributed in the later investigation to the quick actions of these two detectives in clearing the street and pulling several out of the blaze before firefighters even arrived on the scene. I’m Amy Lin, and we have none other than Detective Thursday here with us today.

Welcome to Borough Review, Detective.

Thursday: Thank you for inviting me.

Lin: Detective, I understand that you accepted a department commendation last night downtown, Congratulations on that.

Thursday: Thank you. It was a great honor from the Met.

Lin: Am I to understand that you turned down a similar honor from the Mayor of the Metropolitan City Authority?

Thursday: I did, Amy. Not because it wasn’t a great honor to be asked, but because this is the job. We are sometimes called upon to risk our own lives. Having a professional organization recognize that is more than enough. The citizens of the Met have every right to expect as much or more of its police force.

Lin:  That is a remarkable attitude, Detective. Would you tell us more about what was going on at this warehouse on Mill Street Market Square last month?

Thursday: I cannot comment on the ongoing trial or the facts of the case, but I can speak to the fire. Once my partner and I had managed to escape with a witness from the burning warehouse. We realized the flames were spreading unbelievably quickly and that the neighborhood was in danger of going up with it.

Lin: What did you do then?

Thursday: Ace called in our location and secured our witness. I prioritized the apartments across the street as the most at risk for loss of life.

Lin: You make it sound so routine, Detective, but what you did was run into that building and begin pounding on doors, right?

Thursday: (clears her throat) I did.

Lin: And you did this even after the building you were trying to clear caught fire on the roof?

Thursday: Well, yes, but I didn’t know that at the time. It took a bit for the fire to spread, thankfully, into the lower levels. I would like to think I would have continued searching for occupants had I known it was already on fire.

Lin: (smiling) You are modest, Detective Thursday.

Thursday: My coworkers would translate that to painfully shy.

Lin: (laughs) Does that shyness play a role in your avoidance of the spotlight?

“Thursday: Yes, I’m sure it does.

Lin: In fact, your superiors had to order you to appear on my show today, didn’t they?

(Thursday blushes)

Thursday: I’m not very good at public speaking or … anything remotely like it.

Lin: Tell us more about you, Detective. Where are you from? What are you like?

Thursday: I was born right here in the West Borough to a single mother. I never knew her. She was murdered when I was small.

Lin: You had no other family?

Thursday: (shakes her head) No, I was placed in care and grew up there because of the extreme lack of foster and adoptive parents in our city. There are far too many orphans out there.

Lin: And your work with those orphans is commendable, Detective.

Thursday: (sitting forward in the seat) It’s not commendable. I do what I can, and, one day, when I think I’m stable enough I will be fostering and adopting, but, in the meantime, we’re surrendering a generation of our children to an underprivileged life without anyone who loves them, without guidance. To anyone out there who volunteers their time, consider joining a mentor program or fostering yourself.

Lin: You are an amazing woman, Detective. Thank you for being here today.

Thursday: Thank you for forcing me to come.


Lin: Next week our guest will be the Star of the Five Stars, Char Hamilton, the chef who got her start at the exclusive Forty Four restaurant in the heart of the Metro and now stars in her own cooking show right here on MetNet.


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