A walk on the wild side

Some of the best times you have in Authorland is meeting all the varieties of people that make the book world go round, and I’ve met some incredible people and seen much of the world through the eyes of others. Today, I wanted to introduce you to one of them.

My Captain, My Captain.

I do NOT know how he doesn’t have his own ship and a rum factory somewhere, but M.S. Tarot is the closest I will ever get to having a pirate in my life. He’s an incredibly talented writer of scifi, but he also writes amazing erotica.

I’ll keep this family friendly-ish here today, but, seriously, he writes some great shorts. I’ve gotten some sneak peeks at his scifi, and he can practically seduce you with his geek words. It’s incredible.

Here’s his latest novella, and mark my words: You will be seeing him around.


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