What will you be?

It's Samhain! I'm celebrating with a late night cover reveal. Well, it's early here, but it feels like late night, so let's go with that. Target Acquired is in edit as of today, and it's a story of a woman haunted by the terrible things in her past. The irony of the draft finish date... Continue Reading →

Technology Talk with Jackson

So, today, we're talking tech with one of the 47ths most experienced pilots... Jackson: Technically, Jolie, I'm not a pilot. I'm a support specialist. Jolie: Oh, I'm sorry, so the ATGyro doesn't count as a mech? Jackson: No, it's a mechanized vehicle with very specialized scanning and long range navigational equipment, and a big ass... Continue Reading →

Just my imagination…

When we decide to publish our books, I know we're supposed to become some kind of guru, but I haven't. The marketing side of the business just kills my buzz. The buzz I get from writing down my stories. Yeah, that buzz. It's like flying when it all comes together.  So, I've decided to turn... Continue Reading →

Happy Harvest Moon!

The news for October is that October is here!  Yesterday was the harvest moon, and my new release of Thursday's Child.  I love the Autumn; the leaves turning, the smell of the river as the season changes, the nip in the air coming ever closer. It's my jam. This year it's a little bittersweet. You... Continue Reading →

Must be Thursday!

I wanted to see what a scifi thriller could look like, so I sat down and wrote one. For the moment, you can find Thursday's Child exclusively on Amazon, and it's part of the KU program. For three months, then it's going out into the wide world on it's own. Just for now, you can... Continue Reading →

Got a thing for authentic BDSM? I do, too.

I get really tired of the pretenders. BDSM relationships can be just as romantic as any other sexual relationship, but so often they're portrayed as cheap, temporary or just plain wrong. Pandora Spocks doesn't do that. Her portrayals of adult sexual relationships are so honest and open that you can't help but fall in love... Continue Reading →

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