Technology Talk with Jackson

So, today, we’re talking tech with one of the 47ths most experienced pilots…

Jackson: Technically, Jolie, I’m not a pilot. I’m a support specialist.

Jolie: Oh, I’m sorry, so the ATGyro doesn’t count as a mech?

Jackson: No, it’s a mechanized vehicle with very specialized scanning and long range navigational equipment, and a big ass gun.

Jolie: (Chuckles) What else can it do?

Jackson: (leaning forward excitedly) It basically directs our fighting force.  The Gyro is connected to every mech in the field, registering friend/foe markers and giving real time intel to every member of the unit.  That’s not news, but these days it can also work with each mech’s onboard navsys to bring the pilot home if the mech is operational. It can direct targeting on mechs within a certain proximity becoming, in effect, part of the command structure of the mechanized fighters.

Jolie: That’s unbelievably fascinating. So, without the Gyro the unit can’t function?

Jackson: Oh, they can function. They just can’t function well.

(knock on the studio window)

Jolie: My podcast audience can’t see this, but Jackson’s better half is in the  studio. Dahlia come in here.

(Door opens and closes)

Dahlia: I’m sorry. I was wondering what was keeping Jackson.

Jolie: (smiling) Jackson kind of got volunteered to do an interview and talk about how integral the ATGyro is to the unit.

Dahlia: (laughing) Of course he would.

Jolie: As long as you’re here, Dahlia, would you mind telling us what you enjoy most about your job?

Dahlia: I’m not in the unit anymore, not really. I’m teaching new recruits back on Filia, but it’s good work. Less adrenaline, but more rewards, if you get me.

Jolie: (smiles back) I think I get you. So I hear you two are an item. How does that work?

(They both look at the other and laugh)

Dahlia: Some days it doesn’t.

Jackson: (lifting his eyebrows) And some days it really works. A LOT.

Jolie: (laughs) You two fight each other or the enemy more?

Jackson: (Giving a secret smile to Dahlia) You know what they say. You want something you gotta fight for it. Love is war.

Dahlia: (Returns the look) We are really great at war.

Jolie: (Clearing her throat) Well, that’s the podcast today, listeners. You can find Dahlia and Jackson’s story on most  popular retailers and on the Radish App using the link on our website. Just click the Amazon link to find out more.

We’ll be trying to get some more of the 47th in here to talk to us in the days to come. I know where to find you guys now. Thank you Dahlia and Jackson for being here with us for a segment. I really appreciate it.

OR, if you want a great deal, just go to our home page and click on the image of Riding Redemption and sign up for the newsletter to get the book for free.

Thank you, guys, so much. redemption-cover


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